Blogging From: Second Chapter Books

What: Newly opened Independent Book Store

Where: Middleburg, Virginia

Sign indicating bookstore cuteness.

Confession: I found this quaint little bookstore on accident. I came into Middleburg in search of a store called Books & Crannies unaware of the fact that it actually no longer exists. Had I scrolled 1/3 of the way down their abandoned Facebook page, I would have easily learned that their last day in book business was October 26, 2010. (The day after my birthday!) I won’t lie, I walked up and down East Washington Street several times in search of Books & Crannies (that sounds so pun-y) thinking it was hiding from me in some sort of Order of the Phoenix Headquarters sort of way. Too bad that wasn’t true and the only reason I couldn’t find it is because it no longer exists. This was a disappointment because with a name like Books & Crannies I’m sure the store was Adorable with an enormous capital A.

However, my disappointment was relieved when I stumbled upon Second Chapter Books. It’s a small, newly opened book store whose charm and coziness will melt your book-loving heart into a puddle of inky literature. When I first walked up the steps to reach the front door, I was greeted by this fairytale-esque secret garden fence.

What could be beyond?

However, I turned right and made my way to the front door because as much as I love secret gardens, the books were just calling my name. The store is set up in what I’m assuming was once a house because the inside had very house-like features. I mean, yeah it was definitely a house. A small, cozy, cute little house one street off of one of the cutest Main Streets in America, that I wish I could call my own.

When I walked in, the woman at the front desk was extremely helpful without my even having to ask. She advised me that all of the books on the shelf in front of me were new releases, that the next room held children’s books and a discount table, and that young adult books, literature, and more discounted books could be found upstairs. I thanked her and began browsing.

I decided not to take out my laptop and truly blog from the store because it doesn’t feel like that kind of bookstore. It’s almost a little too small and a little too quiet for me to feel comfortable enough to start up my computer. So, I’m blogging from my phone instead. It is a great place to settle down and read for a while, though. In the YA section, they’ve kindly laid out these large, fluffy denim pillows to ensure the comfort of readers who choose to plant their butts on the floor and delve into some inked pages.

Not a fan of the denim, but my butt doesn't care.

In the next room, there are even more fun reading places. There’s a nice little reading chair near the window and a charming little writing desk set up to the left. I sort of wanted to blog from the writing desk but it seemed like it was more of a decoration for show. I’m not really sure that they put it there so that annoying bloggers could come into their store and occupy the limited space with their stupid Macbooks. I’m just speculating, though. That could be exactly why they put it there, actually. Who knows?

Are you for me?

Other fun things about this store include the wide selection of classic literature, weirdly cool potion bottles on the windowsills, and of course, shelves and shelves of books.

Mmm, the classics!


Cubby shelves!!!


Is this a good place writing or reading? Reading one of the books you’ve pulled from their shelves- yes! Coming in and setting up camp to write a blog entry or whatever it is that you write- not so much.

Bonus Points: Butt pillows and secret gardens!

Second Chapter Books on Facebook


Get ready to explore double the bookstores with double blog entries now coming to you each week! From now on, new bookstores and coffee shops will be explored every Monday and Thursday! You’re welcome 🙂


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